Hanging out in Colorado


Hanging out at 9494ft for the next couple of weeks. I wonder if I get some running in what it’s going to be like when I get back to sea level.

The Aspen trees are all changing, it’s pretty for sure, but they are all yellow, nothing like Cape Breton this time of year.


Halifax Harbour after some snow – From Space

First a picture close to where I grew up, and then a picture where I transitioned from University student, to professional.  Halifax will always have a special part in my memories.

A cool picture of the Cabot Trail in the winter

Awesome pictures by Cmdr. Hadfield.  I have done a bunch of hiking around the trail, not as much as I would like though

Above the Clock

Clock Tower in Halifax
The view from Cidatel Hill in Halifax can pull on the heart strings.

I will be heading back to Halifax for the first time since this picture was taken.  I told everyone that I would be back in less than a year, it has been 9 months, but I was expecting it to be sooner.

If you want to meet up for a brew give me a call (see my resume), Facebook/Twitter/GooglePlus/Comment/email.  One thing is for certain there are now shortage of ways to get ahold of me.


Jeff M

Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge

The Swinging Bridge is located at the Bowl and Pitcher in the Riverside State Park.  It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s.  It is a very neat bridge to walk across as it is very reactive to the people that cross it. You can feel the sway as people, run walk and roll across.

The view down river is chaotic with the rock formations, while a look upstream is calm and relaxing.